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Results are in the eye of the beholder and our focus is to best serve the interest of each client. Success may be a favorable jury verdict or an award of damages but it may also be found in a settlement that avoids the costs and risk of a trial and gets you to a result that is guaranteed and efficient.

Depending on your case that might mean getting money now and avoiding the delay of a crowded court system or an appeal. It does no good to hold out for a jury verdict while you fend off bill collectors and lose your home or apartment.

We help you to understand how the process works and give you the information you need to make good decisions for yourself and your family so that you get what you deserve. Sometimes the best way to explain is with examples of actual cases that we have worked on.

Of course we must protect the confidentiality of our clients but the case studies that follow are real.

Case Studies

Motorcycle Fatality Case Study

This tragic motorcycle accident resulted in the death of the 25 year old operator. The collision occurred as the motorcycle traveled on a winding and tree lined country road in the early evening. Suddenly a pick-up truck operated by an older driver pulled from his...

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Child Injured in School Case Study

This case involves a severe injury to a child while he was participating in an after school activity on school grounds. The cheerleading squad, in an effort to raise money promoted an after school program for younger children. Our client was left at the school by his...

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