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Searching For a Personal Injury Lawyer? Here’s Why You Need Us

Often we find ourselves scrambling for legal assistance in times of high-stress.  For instance, if you’re suddenly seeking the help of a personal injury lawyer, chances are,...
Personal Injury Lawyers Manchester NH

Workers Compensation Amputation Case Study

This tragic injury occurred during a time when the employee was a high school student working a summer job in New Hampshire for a landscape and lawn...
Motorcycle Accident Lawyers NH

Motorcycle Fatality Case Study

This tragic motorcycle accident resulted in the death of the 25 year old operator. The collision occurred as the motorcycle traveled on a winding and tree lined...
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Our law firm started in the 1980’s and our skilled attorneys bring with them decades of experience in providing clients with the best possible legal representation. Our practice areas include Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Condominium Law, Business Law, and Real Estate Law.

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