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We assist businesses, condominium associations, lenders and mangers.  See how we can help you.

We are committed to helping you get the result syou need for success.

Our attorneys have years of experience and take pride in getting the job done right.


Our attorneys represent associations, boards, and property managers in areas of litigation, discrimination, disputes, liens preparation and filing, and more.  Experts in condominium law in both MA and NH, we’re here to help.


Our office provides a full-range of commercial real estate services that represents buyers, sellers, lenders, borrowers, developers, and contractors.  With extensive experience and knowledge, our real estate lawyers can provide you with the services you need.


At Feniger & Uliasz we offer experience and service to our business clients who range from single member limited liability companies to those with national recognition.  Our business planning lawyers work closely with clients to identify the best plan of action for all levels and stages.


Whether you’re the owner of a single unit or entire residential or commercial condominium development, having legal representation that you can trust is imperative.  Condominium law matters are typically complex and require a level of understanding and expertise of not only New Hampshire law, but bylaws, and vast amount of documents that they involve.  Because each case is unique, our team works closely with our clients to ensure a level of personal service that will provide you with peace of mind.

From the coordination of insurance claims and coverage to association voting rights, and every matter in between, Feniger & Uliasz has a team of experienced attorneys you need to navigate through these tough times.  Condo law disputes can be sensitive as most times they involve parties that see one another daily. We’ll help to reduce the tension and stress involved by ensuring there is no direct engagement or disputes. Our team will carry the weight and bring your matter to resolution in a timely matter.  With an extensive portfolio in NH condominium law, as well as MA condominium law, you can be confident your case is covered by the best representation.

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At Feniger & Uliasz we do what our clients need to get the results they want and deserve.

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