Business Law

Business Law

Contracts are the foundation of all business relationships. They take many forms from handshake deals to formal written agreements. The terms and condition are too numerous to count but the words of the contract make the difference. In many cases a court will not even look past those words, regardless of what you thought they meant when you signed it.

At Feniger, Uliasz & Stacey we draft all kinds of contracts including corporate and LLC creation documents, business operating agreements, employment and non-compete agreements, purchase and sale agreements, asset purchase agreements, stock transfer agreement, trusts, loan documents, leases and many more. We also amend and revise contracts as the needs and circumstances of the situation changes. Often times a contract or agreement crosses state lines and the questions require consideration of more than one system of law or multiple jurisdictions.

In the case of a contract dispute we represent our client to enforce contracts and agreements in court or protect our client from the enforcement of an unenforceable contract, an agreement that violates the consumer protection laws or has become impossible to perform. Sometimes we have to work to enforce an obligation in the face of bankruptcy. Sometimes the breach of a contract requires an injunction and other times the remedy is in the form of money damages.

Given the many types of contracts in the world of business and the forms that they may take we recommend that you communicate with your attorney from the beginning.

Regardless, we have the experience you need and will work with you to help you get the results you need. We provide prompt and responsive service and always return phone calls and e-mails promptly.