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Car accidents happen all the time, that’s why we call them accidents. When the accident is the result of negligence the injured victim has a legal right to recover financial compensation for their injuries. Negligence means that someone was driving carelessly and caused an accident.

It could be that they were driving too fast on wet or icy roads or just speeding on a sunny day because they were in a rush. Today we see many accidents caused when drivers are distracted by cell phones, texting, eating or even putting on makeup. Cars move faster than we think, almost 100 feet per second at 60mph and who drives the speed limit these days anyway.

There are many inexperienced drivers on the road, young people as well as drivers from other countries that find themselves behind the wheel. Some can’t even read the signs and make sudden stops and turns causing a crash that you just cannot avoid. And of course, there are still drunk drivers on the roads causing accidents, injuries and death to innocent victims.

Air bags and seatbelts do help to protect lives but many people still get hurt. Sometimes very badly and sometimes accidents are fatal. In many cases the injured are children, sometimes passengers and sometimes pedestrians or on bicycles.

At Feniger & Uliasz, we represent these injured victims and their families against these negligent drivers. We provide experience, professionalism and compassion to the individuals and families that we represent. You do not have to worry about whether you can afford to hire a lawyer, at Feniger & Uliasz we only get paid if we recover money for you.

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