Children get injured all the time, sometimes do to the fault of an adult, a school, a daycare, a car accident or even a relatives dog. If your child has suffered an injury and you believe that someone else is at fault our lawyers will help you understand the law, answer your questions, investigate your claim and fight for your child’s legal rights.

We understand that children don’t think like adults and know that the law treats them differently. What applies to adults does not always apply to children. This understanding is crucial to the representation of your child.

Our lawyers and staff take the time to carefully examine the long term affects of an injury to your child by consulting with medical experts to effectively present your case. Most cases involving serious injuries to children require court appointed guardians and approval. Few parents are prepared to deal with our court system. Let us help.

Don’t cause your child to suffer the effects of an injury for the rest of their life without the maximum compensation available under the law. Contact us now. The consultation is free.

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