Commercial Litigation: How The Pandemic Changed Our Ways

February 15, 2021

All areas of practice within Feniger & Uliasz may ultimately lead to litigation. Therefore, litigation, especially commercial litigation, remains a primary focus of our practice. However, if there is a bright spot in the world of COVID-19 as it pertains to the court system, it may be the way commercial litigation has evolved to fit into the times. With increased efficiency and reduction of cost, we wonder if these changes are here to stay.

commercial litigation

Then versus now

Pre-pandemic, commercial litigation cases started as bench trials, and many ended as jury waived trials. So, the adaptation of the court systems to virtual trials has been a welcome change for many. In several ways, virtual trials are more efficient than our previous methods. No more charging a client for travel time to the court for a motion session. A session where your lawyer spends most of the time waiting for a turn to address the judge. No more clients or witnesses being required to fly in from various parts of the country while staying in hotels for days at a time. 

Tried and true

Recently, I tried a case under the new ‘normal’ procedures. During the trial, almost none of the lawyers (myself included), litigants, or witnesses were in the same location. And, certainly, none of us were in the courthouse. Direct and cross examination, documents and exhibits were all managed efficiently through technology. The process allowed a trial to occur without the need for everyone to be in one place at the same time.

At Feniger & Uliasz, commercial litigation is just one of our practice areas. Of course, the best way to protect your business is through careful business planning that includes drafting contracts, non-compete agreements and leases, and assurance that your business complies with the ever-increasing and burdensome regulations.

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With decades of experience, our team can help you navigate through and successfully present yourself in the court system, no matter what the circumstances may be. In the courthouse or meeting virtually, the world is changing and the team at Feniger & Uliasz takes pride in staying on top of the times.

If you seek commercial litigation in an ever changing world, be sure to contact a team that understands and has what it takes to stay efficient and successful during these times. Contact Feniger & Uliasz today to schedule your consultation, virtually or in person (603) 627-5997.