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All areas of practice within our law firm may ultimately lead to litigation. Therefore, litigation remains a primary focus of our practice. We represent our clients in litigation at both the state and federal level and employ such alternatives as mediation and arbitration to resolve disputes without the time and expense of a trial. Our approach to litigation is one of focus and aggression.

Litigation is business! If you ignore that fact, you or your company will eventually find itself on the wrong side of a lawsuit and that will cost you money. If the lawsuit has been threatened or worse, you need to be represented and that’s where we come in.

Our lawyers defend and prosecute cases in the world of commercial litigation. You may need us to enforce the terms of a contract, evict a non-paying tenant, collect a debt, seek an injunction, restraining order, or communicate with state and federal authorities, agencies and regulators.

Of course, the best way to protect your business is through careful planning and drafting of contracts, non-compete agreements and leases, and to make sure your business is in compliance with ever increasing and burdensome regulations.

We also set up corporations and limited liability companies, franchises and partnerships. We can help to navigate through bankruptcy and help you maximize your recovery from the debtor. Whatever your needs may be, we help you and your business to be successful in this complex business environment. Contact us today at (800) 828-3200.

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