Condominium Parking Lot Accident Case Study

In this case, the guest of a unit owner struck a boulder with his vehicle while backing out of a parking spot. The guest sued the management company for placing the rock in the landscape, and failing to maintain the parking lot at safe conditions.  Feniger & Uliasz, LLP defended the management company as condominium law representatives.

At trial, the plaintiff testified that he had been to the condominium many times before the incident and that the boulder had always been there. He further testified that his vision was blocked by a truck or van as he backed out of his parking spot.  As he hit the boulder with his car, significant damage was sustained.  The plaintiff was seeking compensation from the management company for the damage that occurred to his vehicle.

However, the team from Feniger & Uliasz, LLP, successfully defended the management company, and no money was paid to the driver on his claim.

While the case might seem out of the ordinary, it is not. In fact, this is the type of situation that management companies and condominium associations deal with all the time.

However, without an experienced defense team by your side, the damages can add up quickly, resulting in significant assessments to unit owners as well as increased insurance premiums for associations.

Furthermore, by aggressively defending these claims, management companies, condominium associations, and boards of directors are empowered by sending a message to those who might consider filing lawsuits against them in the future.

Contact the team at Feniger & Uliasz, LLP today and know that you’re protected by a team that knows the ins and outs of condominium law.

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