Why Hire A Construction Injury Lawyer?

May 19, 2021

Construction injuries happen every day. Often, these injuries leave individuals, as well as their families, with life-changing devastation. While you can claim Worker’s Compensation to secure the medical and wage benefits you are entitled to, these funds extend only so far. This is where having an experienced construction injury lawyer at your side can help.

Here, we’re taking an in-depth look at construction injuries, the proper steps, and how the team at Feniger & Uliasz can assist you through the process.

You’re injured, now what?

As we mentioned, one of the first steps with a construction-related injury is to file a claim for Worker’s Compensation. However, the reality is that Worker’s Compensation does not pay for the pain and suffering. Nor does this compensation take into consideration your family and the effect your injury has had on them. Instead, Worker’s Compensation secures medical coverage and owed wages. Beneficial, of course. But, is this enough?

Let’s talk reality for a moment.

The other reality is that you can’t sue your employer or a co-employee, even if the fault lies there. However, you can sue the general contractor and other subcontractors that may have played a role in your injury. In cases like these, individuals are compensated for pain and suffering, loss of future earning capacity, as well as losses suffered by a spouse and family.

You may also have a claim against defective equipment or machinery should it be relevant and related to your injury. This is called a ‘third party claim’ and is far too often missed by inexperienced construction injury lawyers.

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When should you call a construction injury lawyer?

Simply stated, right away. It’s imperative to speak with an experienced lawyer at the very beginning to fully understand your legal rights and what to expect. As time passes, the chances of lost evidence and witnesses increase significantly. Employees move onto the next job, never to be found to testify in court.

Think about it, in the construction industry, many workers follow the job – one day in New Hampshire, the next in Florida. OSHA investigates only the most severe injuries. Even then, the focus is on the employer, not the general contractor or other subcontractors.

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For over thirty years, Michael Feniger has proudly represented people that have been injured in work-related injuries, often on construction sites. With proven success in obtaining what is rightly owed to individuals and their families, it’s no surprise that Feniger & Uliasz has become the go-to construction injury lawyer.

If you have been injured on a construction site or have questions concerning Worker’s Compensation, contact Feniger & Uliasz today. Our team takes the time to answer your questions. Besides, there is no obligation or charge unless you hire us and we recover money for you! Contact us today at (603) 627-5997.