Do You Need a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer?

June 15, 2022

When it comes to commercial real estate, lawyers often find that many people are a bit confused about the subject. Knowing why you may want to hire a specialized lawyer and when is the right time to do so are two of the most important, and most misunderstood, pieces of the puzzle. At Feniger and Uliasz, we take pride in helping our clients not only achieve the outcomes they seek, but understanding why and how we do so.


Here, we are taking a closer look at commercial real estate and a few of the most common reasons that you may find yourself seeking the help of an experienced lawyer.


Top commercial real estate transactions include:

  • Purchase and Sale Transactions
  • Land Use Planning
  • Condominium Association Creation and Conversions
  • Subdivision Creation
  • Tax Abatement
  • Litigation service


nh real estate lawyer


But, why hire a commercial real estate lawyer?

Let’s face it; any commercial transaction without legal representation is risky business. Commercial dealings often involve state regulations, code, and (more often than not) hidden agendas that benefit one side more than the other. With an experienced attorney at your side, you can feel a bit better about signing contracts and other legal binding paperwork. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the negotiation process should you discover something within the paperwork that requires editing. Your attorney will step in after reviewing the documents and negotiate on your behalf. This will not only save you time, but also the hassle of trying to understand the legalities of the deal.


A commercial real estate lawyer will have your interests placed above all else. With this in mind, you can be sure the contract is fair and that you are protected. In many instances, these contracts also cover the ‘what ifs’ that may occur down the road within an agreed upon amount of time. The complexities of commercial law place a lawyer at an advantage being they are a third party to the deal. There is no commission in the sale or dealing for them. The lawyer you entrust to represent you is there to ensure that your interests are fully represented and placed first. Now and down the road.

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If you find yourself looking for a commercial real estate lawyer in New Hampshire, contact Feniger & Uliasz. With proven experience in real estate law, our team will get you the outcome you seek. Call us today at 603-627-5997 to schedule your consultation and feel confident in the process set forth.