Dog Bite Lawyers NHAll dogs bite. Big or small, purebred or mixed breed, they have the ability to inflict severe injury and even death. Many of the victims are children and the dog owner might be your friend, neighbor or family member.

Almost all claims for injuries caused by animals are covered by insurance and result in no financial loss to the animal owner. Don’t let an insurance company tell you otherwise.

Dogs are not the only animals that cause injury. We have seen cases in which people are injured by cats, horses, livestock and even pet birds. In many cases the injury is the result of an animal knocking a person down or causing an injury without even making contact. An example might be a dog chasing a bicycle and causing a fall.

At Feniger & Uliasz we know that a prompt investigation and proper documentation of the injury are vital to your recovery. We are sensitive to family and neighborhood relationships while at the same time fighting for your right to receive the maximum compensation available.

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