Workers Compensation Benefits in Massachusetts

Here is a comprehensive list of workers compensation benefits to which an injured worker may be entitled under Massachusetts workman’s compensation law. All of the listed benefits are subject to the type of injury and circumstances of the work injury case. The Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents oversees the work injury claims and the filings for benefits. Proceedings are generally schedule at the Board location closest to where you live.

  1. Weekly Wage Benefits during a period of total disability
  2. Temporary and Partial Disability Benefits
  3. Death Benefits for the spouse and family
  4. Payment of Related Medical Bills and Expenses
  5. Permanent Impairment Awards
  6. Cost of Living Adjustments
  7. Vocational Rehabilitation

It is always a good idea to gather as much information as you can when faced with a disabling work related injury. We offer a free consultation where you will speak with a lawyer and get answers to your questions. Please contact the Law office of Feniger & Uliasz for the help that you need when you or a family member is faced with a work related injury.

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