3 Good Reasons to Call An Accident Attorney in NH

June 12, 2020

Now that the Covid-19 stay at home order has been lifted in NH, many of us rely on our vehicles to get back to a sense of normalcy.  Even before the stay at home order was lifted we looked to our cars, trucks and motorcycles to safely get out of the house, take to the road for fresh air and new scenery, keeping NH accident attorneys busy handling your calls and claims for compensation. From sight-seers during motorcycle season to negligent drivers on their way to work, accidents are happening, and sometimes the victims of those accidents need legal representation.

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You or a loved one required medical attention

Many accidents require medical attention, even if not immediately at the scene. That means medical bills.  From broken bones to paralysis and sometimes death, the result of an accident can be devastating.  If the accident was caused by the negligence of the other driver and serious injury involved, having a qualified accident attorney at your side will prove worthwhile.

From the loss of work to extensive medical bills, you don’t want to face potential financial disaster when you have legal rights that may provide you with the compensation you need to prevent a bad outcome. Recovery may be possible even if the other driver dosen’t have insurance.

The accident occurred in a restricted area 

Construction zones are a prime location for accidents to happen.  In NH, the road construction season is short and takes place when the roads are packed with vacation and out of state travelers. Construction zones are not always well marked and can appear suddenly. Lane restrictions, flaggers and moving equipment distract drivers. All of which create the perfect storm for an accident. You may be careful and know the area but the other driver may not.  When an accident does occur, give our team at Feniger and Uliasz a call to understand your legal rights. 

There are questions concerning the insurance claim

One the most difficult aspects of handling a claim is dealing with insurance companies.  Most people have never even read their own insurance policy and have no idea what coverage is provided. You will be asked to give statements, sign authorizations, provide confidential and personal information without any understanding of your rights. Your claims of injury, disability and pain will be challenged. It is not the job of the insurance company, yours or theirs, to take care of you so unless you have an experienced NH accident attorney on your side you stand to lose big. 

Remember, your insurance company has a team of attorneys standing by their side. You should have the same.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, whether in a car, truck boat, RV, ATV, or motorcycle, our team at Feniger and Uliasz can help.  Call us today and get the result your family deserves with experienced and compassionate representation from top-notch accident attorneys in NH. 

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