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Slipping, tripping and falling are among the most common injuries caused by a dangerous condition on property or within a building. The dangerous condition can be a crumbling walkway, a slippery or wet floor, an uncovered hole, ice and snow, or improper design and construction. The possibilities are endless and often go unnoticed until someone like you gets hurt. The injury may occur at the grocery store, an office or the building that you live in and in most cases, the owner is responsible to maintain the property.

Injuries from falls can be serious, fractures of the spine, fractured hips, fractured ankles, fractured legs or arms, knee injuries, torn rotator cuff, head injuries and injury to internal organs, even death.

If there is one thing to remember, take pictures as soon as possible! Next, if you don’t have a lawyer yet, don’t talk to insurance companies. Call us first.

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