‘Tis The Season for an Accident Attorney in Manchester

January 15, 2022

Living in New England provides a beautiful array of seasons. Each season comes with pros and cons depending on the individual and perspective. For example, let’s talk about winter. As one of the most beloved for outdoor sports enthusiasts, New England winters provide endless opportunities from skiing to snowmobiling, snowshoeing to ice fishing. However, as the number one accident attorney in Manchester, our team at Feniger and Uliasz is here to put a realistic spin on the dangers that the season presents.


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Slip & Fall Accidents

While a slip and fall accident can occur any time during the year, winter sees a dramatic increase in cases. Often, unattended sidewalks and stairs leave people in unfortunate situations that may ricochet to time off work, lost wages, and costly medical bills. From a simple trip to the grocery store to walking down the stairs of your apartment, providing safe conditions is the property owner’s responsibility.

That said, if you’re in the middle of a storm, you must use caution. However, after the fact, if neglected surfaces cause you harm, you may be entitled to compensation. One of the best ways to ensure you receive what may be owed to you is to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney. 


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Possibly the number one reason for calling an accident attorney in Manchester revolves around motor vehicle accidents. As a state that does not require drivers to maintain vehicle insurance, this can prove quite costly in the right situation. Besides, even with coverage, fighting a case with the insurance companies can be stressful, timely, and leave you in a difficult financial situation.


With the help of a proven and experienced attorney, you can obtain the compensation you deserve without the added stress. The icy, snowy winter road conditions do not discriminate when it comes to car and truck accidents. Do yourself a favor and keep a trusted accident attorney on hand just in case.


At Feniger and Uliasz, our team takes pride in being the number one accident attorney in Manchester. No matter what the season, our experts have you covered with extensive and proven experience in various personal injury and accident cases. To schedule your free consultation, please contact our office today by calling (603) 627-5997.