Accident Lawyer NH: Avoiding 3 Common Winter Injuries

November 15, 2023

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As a personal injury and accident lawyer in NH, we see our fair share of cases in the winter. Traditions are more treacherous, it gets darker earlier, and people participate in activities they wouldn’t normally do. While some things are out of your control, there are many steps you can take to be more cautious and avoid winter accidents. Our team at Feniger, Uliasz & Stacey has seen a lot of accidents in our time. We’ll do everything we can to get your compensation, but it’s always better to avoid an accident in the first place.


Here is some advice from a NH accident lawyer to help you avoid these three common winter injuries.


Injuries from Car Accidents

Roads are slippery in the winter, and careful driving is the surest way to avoid an accident. Part of being a careful driver is proper vehicle maintenance. Get winter tires, and check your brakes, lights, wipers, and other parts of your car that affect safety and visibility. Before you get in the car to head out for the day, check the weather so you know what to expect and can plan your journeys accordingly. Always leave yourself plenty of time so you don’t have to rush on slippery roads.


Slip and Fall Injuries

Wet and icy surfaces are among the most common causes of slip and fall injuries in the winter. These accidents can happen both indoors and outdoors in the winter due to icy walkways outside and slippery floors inside. Use sand or ice melt on your walkways and driveways to avoid injuries at home. When you’re out and about, slow down, pay attention to where you are walking, and wear proper footwear.


Recreational and Sports Injuries

Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and other outdoor winter activities are a lot of fun, but they are also the cause of many injuries. We’re not saying you have to stay inside wrapped in a blanket all winter, but you should always take the proper precautions when participating in winter sports. Wear a helmet and properly fitted protective gear to prevent injuries and broken bones. If you’re new to a particular sport, take a few lessons and learn how to fall correctly. With the right technique, you can protect yourself and mitigate harm even if you fall.


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