NH Accident Lawyers and COVID-19 Strategies

March 15, 2021

As a premier accident lawyer in NH, it is safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced attorneys to shift our strategies. In our efforts to collect compensation and damages for our clients, many elements must now be reconsidered and handled in an unprecedented manner. The threat of litigation means far less when the insurance industry knows that it can ask for a jury trial. Thus, delaying a case indefinitely. It could be years before the court systems get back on track and once again empanels a jury in civil cases.

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Fighting for what you deserve 

In almost every personal injury case, the defendant will have a constitutional right to a jury trial and unlike criminal charges, there is no right to a speedy trial for someone injured in an accident. So, those accident lawyers that promise to ‘fight’ have nowhere to wage the battle anymore. Instead, we must strive to understand the insurance industry and why it decides to settle a case.

The reasons are many, but we must acknowledge and delve into the foundation of insurance to get our clients what they deserve in this ‘new normal.’ 

From wrongful death to workplace injuries, motor vehicle accidents to workers compensation, our practice helps individuals and families recover what they deserve. Often, these situations create an overwhelming and challenging process of collecting the compensation your family needs to survive, and that is during normal times. Finding an NH accident attorney that will stand by your side and understands the inner workings of today’s work is a must.

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If you seek an accident lawyer in NH, be sure to ask what they know about insurance, and how they can get you the compensation you need and deserve. This is, again, without the ‘fight’ that no longer seems possible. At Feniger & Uliasz our team understands the alternatives to litigation that work with the insurance companies. We know how to make these alternatives work for you. For more information or to schedule your consultation, in person with appropriate social distancing in one of our three offices, virtually through zoom, or by phone. Contact the team at Feniger & Uliasz today by calling (603) 627-5997.