Animal Attacks May Be On the Rise. Here’s Our Take.

June 14, 2021

It is the opinion of Feniger & Uliasz that animal attacks, particularly dog bites, will surge over the next few years. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many families and individuals found it an opportune time to open their doors to our furry friends in need. Because of this, yes, as the number one animal attack lawyer in Manchester, our team foresees a problematic future. We expect to see an increase in injuries caused by newly adopted pets, especially dogs.

Here’s why.


The lockdown adoption.


Let us begin by stating it has been well reported that government-imposed Covid-19 lockdowns have led to a dramatic increase in demand for dogs at work, school, and within the family in general. Life centered around the home was a new concept for most people, including those who never ‘had the time’ for a dog. So, why not adopt a dog during a lockdown? Seems the opportune time, right? However, this sudden surge in demand placed even higher demands and stresses on those working (and volunteering) in shelters.


Many sheltered dogs were rescued from kill shelters across the country. Often, these animals were placed in shelters after being found as stray, abandoned, taken from horrific living situations, or misplaced during a natural disaster.


While the hearts of shelter workers are in the right place, many of these workers were stripped of the time generally given to understand the animal, its needs and requirements, and what does and, more importantly, does not mesh well with the animal. For example, many dogs prefer homes without children or cats. Yet, the current times have placed animals quickly, possibly too quickly, to keep up with the demand. Thus, we have a potential current dilemma on our hands.


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All it takes is a split second for devastation to happen. With dogs from traumatic situations without knowing what makes them tick, animal owners can not prevent attacks from occurring until it is too late. Dogs require time, understanding, and training – especially when you don’t know the history.

It could be a bite, rough play that knocks someone over, chasing a bicycle or car that results in a crash, or an all-out attack with devastating consequences. Whatever the situation is, fortunately, the owner’s insurance covers most attacks. Furthermore, most states impose strict liability on the dog’s owner and keepers. That said, if you plan on adopting a dog, do your due diligence and know the animal’s background. Always check in with your insurance company as well to ensure you are protected should something happen. Some insurance companies do not cover specific breeds or breed mixes and may only extend protection if the dog is under a certain age.


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If you or a family member has sustained injury due to a dog attack, it’s time to call Feniger & Uliasz. Our attorneys have the experience and compassion to ensure you recover the compensation that you deserve. As the number animal attack attorney in Manchester, you can have peace of mind knowing that our team is here to assist you during a stressful and difficult time.


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