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Definition of Condominium Law

At Feniger, Uliasz & Stacey, PLLC, we define condominium law as the branch of legal practice dealing with the rules, regulations, and issues specifically related to condominiums. This includes the creation, operation, and management of condo units and the common areas within condo complexes. As a vital area of our practice, we aim to help clients navigate the intricacies of condominium ownership and the governance of condominium associations.

History of Condominium Law

The concept of condominiums is not new, evolving over decades to suit the changing needs of property ownership. Originating from Roman property law, the modern form of condominium law in the United States took shape in the 1960s to address the growing demand for residential and commercial space. Since then, it has expanded significantly, with each state adopting its own set of statutes and regulations to govern condominium development, management, and dispute resolution.

Types of Condominiums

Residential Condominiums: These are the most common type, where individuals own their units in a larger building or complex.

Commercial Condominiums: These involve ownership of office spaces, retail shops, or industrial units within a larger commercial building.

Mixed-Use Condominiums: These combine residential and commercial units, catering to a diverse range of needs and uses within the same complex.

Common Areas in Condominiums

Common areas in condominiums, such as lobbies, gyms, pools, and gardens, are shared spaces that require collective management. Our firm advises on the legal obligations concerning these areas, ensuring that the rights and responsibilities towards them are clearly defined and upheld in the community’s governing documents.

Rights and Responsibilities of Condominium Owners

Ownership within a condominium entails a unique blend of rights and responsibilities. Owners have the right to use their property and the common areas while also bearing a share of the responsibility for maintaining these shared spaces. Our expertise extends to advising clients on how to balance these aspects, ensuring a harmonious condominium living experience.

Condominium Association Governance

Condominium associations play a critical role in the management and upkeep of the community. We guide our clients through the governance structures, helping them understand their voting rights, the role of the board of directors, and the importance of active participation in meetings and decision-making processes.

Condominium Bylaws and Rules

The bylaws and rules of a condominium are essential for maintaining order and functionality within the community. Our attorneys assist in drafting, reviewing, and enforcing these documents, ensuring they are compliant with state laws while reflecting the community’s needs and values.

Condominium Fees and Assessments

Condominium ownership involves regular fees and occasional assessments to fund common expenses and major repairs. We help clients understand their financial obligations, advising on matters related to fee collections, budgeting, and the efficient use of funds.

Condominium Disputes and Litigation

Disputes within condominium communities can arise over governance, finances, or individual conduct. Our firm has extensive experience in resolving such disputes, representing our clients in mediation, arbitration, and litigation to achieve fair and effective outcomes.

State Laws Governing Condominiums

Each state has its own set of laws and regulations governing condominiums. Our deep understanding of New Hampshire and Massachusetts condominium law enables us to provide specialized legal advice, ensuring compliance and protecting the interests of condominium owners and associations alike.

At Feniger, Uliasz & Stacey, PLLC, our commitment to excellence in legal representation is evident in our comprehensive approach to condominium law. Through personalized service and diligent advocacy, we strive to meet the unique needs of our clients, fostering a sense of community and legal clarity in the condominium sector. Whether you are a condominium owner, prospective buyer, or association member, we are here to provide the legal support you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your condominium law matters.

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