Navigating Commercial Real Estate: When You Need a Lawyer

August 15, 2023

commercial real estate lawyer

In the intricate landscape of commercial real estate, having a seasoned legal professional by your side can mean the difference between a seamless transaction and a legal quagmire. In short, you need Feniger, Uliasz & Stacey. Whether you’re a business owner, investor, developer, or property manager, the expertise of a skilled commercial real estate lawyer is invaluable in safeguarding your interests and ensuring compliance with complex regulations. Our team understands the nuanced challenges of commercial properties and offers tailored legal solutions that cater to your specific needs.


In this article, we’re going to take you through some of the circumstances when you need a commercial real estate lawyer.


Buying, Selling, and Leasing

Buying or selling a commercial property involves intricate contracts, negotiations, and due diligence. Our attorneys can guide you through this journey, ensuring your rights are protected, and all legal aspects are meticulously handled. Lease agreements also require expertise to properly understand. Crafting or reviewing lease agreements is critical for landlords and tenants alike. We can help you create lease terms that align with your goals, avoid potential disputes, and comply with applicable laws.


Zoning and Development

Navigating zoning regulations and land use restrictions demands legal finesse, as they can be complex and change depending on where you are. Our team can assist in obtaining permits, addressing zoning issues, and ensuring your project adheres to the law. When it comes time to develop the property, there are more regulations to work around, including environmental compliance and construction-related legalities. A commercial real estate lawyer can help streamline the development process while safeguarding your project’s legal integrity.


Property Disputes

When conflicts arise over boundaries, titles, or other issues, our experienced litigators can work to resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation. No matter what side of a property dispute you are on, it is always wiser to go through a lawyer rather than trying to work it out yourself.


Commercial Real Estate Lawyer | Feniger, Uliasz & Stacey

This isn’t a comprehensive list, and other circumstances can arise when you will benefit from working with a commercial real estate lawyer. Tax issues, investments, and property management are just a few examples. At Feniger, Uliasz & Stacey, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive legal support for various commercial real estate scenarios. Our dedication to client success and our deep understanding of the complexities in this field sets us apart as a reliable partner for your real estate ventures.


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